Charity Medal Ghana
From Ghanaians for Ghanaians - Picture shows a small group of african children

You are asking about your benefit?


Sad truth about the conditions in Ghana

Philanthropists don’t need a benefit. But you are having more than one by signing in our membership system.

  • You are making needy people happy.
  • Even with one donation you will be in a key position to develop your homeland. Many small donations will create one big project.
  • You will be the member of a society with the same ideals and visions like you. You will have the possibility to link up with them through our networking system.
  • You are having a free advertising and promotion platform on our “TAKE CARE SOCIETY” website.
  • You are donating to an organisation with transparent backgrounds and small administration costs.

But that’s not all!

You are making others happy and that will make you happy too!