Charity Medal Ghana
From Ghanaians for Ghanaians - Picture shows a small group of african children

Development starts in the heads of the people...

The essential keywords for it are inspiration, creativity and commitment. Everybody has the ability to develop an own idea.

“YES, WE CARE” is the motto of our new founded project, the Charity Medal Ghana.

Ghana is blessed with natural resources, intelligent people and a lot of opportunities but there is a lack of appropriate education, and a lot of poverty abounds in the country. Ghana is a middle income country and the limited wealth that we have must be shared equally among all its citizens?
It is imperative that the rich and well to do share a bit of their wealth to enable to create a prosperous society... Charity Medal Ghana gives you the opportunity to show, that you care.


The vision behind our project is to unite the rich and the wealthy, no matter from which tribe, political background or party in one society: The “TAKE CARE SOCIETY” of Charity Medal Ghana. One of our goals is to develop the common feeling of “LET’S GIVE HOPE TO THE POOR”. Let us show them, that we are one people, that they are part of us, the privileged.

Join our project without any further obligation with a simple donation of at least one hundred Ghana Cedis to be part of our “TAKE CARE SOCIETY”.

We guarantee that your money will reach the chosen projects directly, we make sure that no money will get lost in dubious channels, our intention is to give, not to take.

Try to make yourself happy by taking care of others, even if you don’t know them! Join us!

Let me close with a quote of Albert Einstein, who said:

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

I have lived in Ghana for more than 10 years and have hope, trust in the people of Ghana. I believe that Ghana has great potential and together we can build a great nation...

I am looking forward to meeting you soon as a member of our “TAKE CARE SOCIETY”.

May God bless you.

Mamaga Akosua I