Charity Medal Ghana
From Ghanaians for Ghanaians - Picture shows a small group of african children

The project that would be undertaken will be focused on education, health, sports and environment. The involved ministries will be outworked soon.

The first “TAKE CARE SOCIETY” member with a minimum donation sum of  5.000,00 GHC  ( Gold Medal ) will be allowed to choose the first region.

Apart from the first project, new projects will be done clockwise in the country from region to region. All projects will be proved and recommended by a team of at least 10 members. The members will be chosen by the date of the engagement of their membership and the amount of the donation, so that every member has the chance to propose a project. Only a Lifetime member (Reliability Medal) has the chance to choose his favourite project in his favourite region, no matter if another region should get the next project.

The range of projects will include the following:

Health Sector

  • Nationwide disease control on Buruli Ulcer
    Clinic or Medical Stations, Mobile Medical Stations
    Employment projects for disabled
    Medical equipment
    Malaria prevention and treatment
    Water projects

Sports Sector

  • Training centres
    Footballs and other equipment for Sport
    Sponsorship for talented young people


  • School buildings
  • Kindergarten buildings
  • Hostels for Girls and boys
  • Toilet facilities
  • School feedings
  • Support for talented children
  • School uniforms and books


  • Training of young people on waist and garbage problems
  • Employment of people to keep our beaches clean
  • Toilet facilities
  • Campaign for a clean country
  • Education on poaching and habitat destruction, which  threatens wildlife populations
  • Water projects