Charity Medal Ghana
From Ghanaians for Ghanaians - Picture shows a small group of african children

Everybody likes to be awarded in a certain sense. Only a few, blessed people are taking care of others and are not asking for any acknowledgement.

Charity Medal gives everybody who donates the possibility to be awarded with a medal. The colour of the medal shows how much you contributed. But every sum is welcome. We are one society!

The donation sums and the colours:

Medal New Ghana Cedis US Dollars Euros
LIFETIME - Reliability 25.000 25.000 12.500
PLATINUM - Believe 10.000 10.000 5.000
GOLD - Trust 5.000 5.000 2.500
SILVER - Unity 2.500 2.500 1.250
COPPER - Commitment 1.000 1.000 500
RED - Love 500 500 250
GREEN - Hope 250 250 125
BLUE - Loyalty 100 100 50

How to get the next higher medal

If you donate just one hundred Ghana Cedies for the Loyalty Medal you have the opportunity to encourage four other people to sign in into our society by donating for a Loyalty Medal too. Then you will get automatically the LOVE Medal. Two Love Medals make one Commitment Medal and so on.

All members will be registered without any further obligation.

The usage of the medals

Every medal owner becomes automatically a member of the Charity Medal Ghana “Taking Care Society”. The membership is without any further obligation. Of course ideas, proposals and support is always most welcome.

The right to use the medals for corporate identity, like websites, complementary cards, letterheads, advertisements, billboards is included in the donation sum.

A certain amount of stickers for cars, doors etc. will be given out for free. More can be ordered. There will be framed medals which can be done at a minimal cost. A Gold plated Brass Medal will be available soon.

Other accessories like T shirts can be made for your company.